Life after Death Questions and Answers

Answers about life after death and the afterlife

You want to know more about life after death and the afterlife from qualified, knowledgeable people, not religions, gurus, and speculators. We have a combined knowledge of 80 years of experience and 15 books with proof of life after death. We have studied the messages from people living in the life after this life and the findings in modern science to arrive at the conclusions you will read here. We know the truth. We want you to know it also.

How can I be sure there is life after death?

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How are my loved ones who have moved to the afterlife?

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How can I communicate with my loved ones in the afterlife?

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How can a grief counselor help me connect with my loved one living in the afterlife?

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What can we be sure of about life after death?

We live on after the body dies

We now have a multitude of recorded testimony from people living in the life after this life that they are alive and fine. They are happy and healthy. The evidence is from these sources:

  • Direct-voice or independent voice
  • Materialization medium seances
  • Instrumental transcommunication
  • Appearances by people whose bodies have died
  • Psychotherapist-guided afterlife communication
  • Self-guided afterlife communication
  • Trance mediumship
  • Automatic writing
  • Mental mediumship
  • Visitations in dreams

Thousands of individuals living in the afterlife have spoken clearly and articulately about their lives in the world they entered after leaving the earth realm. Their reports are consistent. They all describe the same environment, events, condition of their bodies, access to their loved ones still on earth, occupations, preoccupations, and all the other details about life in the afterlife. Such consistency in reports could only occur if they were coming from residents sharing the same realm.

The transition to the next life is easy and painless

When the body dies, the person hardly notices it. The transition is so easy that people who have made it describe their initial wonder at why the world has suddenly changed so dramatically. Many think they are in a dream.

All the residents of the afterlife report that their transition was painless. When they made their transition through an accident, they report that they were taken out of the earth realm before the accident occurred. Some say they felt they were continuing with their life activity without realizing they were doing so outside of the body. A soldier in World War I said he was running toward the enemy as they fired at him and was mystified to see they were all passing him as though he wasn’t there. His body had died in an explosion, but his eternal self continued running unaware that he was no longer using a body.

After the transition, everyone is met by loved ones

The residents of the afterlife describe wonderful reunions with their loved ones who have gone on before. Some awaken in a room surrounded by their loved ones whose bodies had died long ago. Others awaken in a recovery area much like a hospital and are then taken to have their reunion with their loved ones. There are many reports of the person awakening to the experience of pets who had died coming to them and joyously jumping on them. 

The person goes on to live in a familiar environment

Everyone who has lived a normal life on earth with love and regard for others lives in a house with a yard and garden on a street with other houses or a rural setting, whichever the person most desires. The temperature is always pleasant. There are trees, flowers, animals, expanses of meadows, rivers, oceans, and all the rest of what we are familiar with on earth, but without the negatives such as storms, cold, harmful animals, disease, or all things associated with disease and old age.

People remain individuals with the same personalities

People do not suddenly change. They continue living as they did before making the transition. They have the same personalities, attitudes, likes and dislikes, love for people they loved before, and all the rest of what makes them an individual. They continue to grow in love and compassion, with delightful adventures with others. Even when they grow to be a higher-order being because of their capacity to love, they remain the same individual they were. They don’t “reincarnate” in the sense of leaving the life after this life to return to earth. Other individuals who are part of their higher self come into the earth realm. Some have their lives patterned after the person so there is a connection that can be experienced in past-life regressions. However, the past-life person is an individual and the experiencer of the regression is another, separate individual.

Individuals living in the afterlife can communicate with people living on earth

We know from the many communications with people living on this side of life that people living in the afterlife can communicate freely with us. They all want to do so. It is up to us to be able to learn how to be open and receptive to their communication. Some people on this side of life have special abilities to receive communication, such as mental mediums, trance mediums, and physical mediums. Their remarkable encounters that are in audio and print records demonstrate that people live on after their bodies die.

There is no judgment, condemnation, or a hell

We know from the consistent statements by people now living in the afterlife that there is no judgment for acts committed on earth, no condemnation for any lifestyles or actions, and no place of fiery torment described as hell by religions. Instead, each person who enters the afterlife is guided into growing in love, compassion, and wisdom by reviewing what happened in their life on earth. They feel the feelings of the people who were involved in interactions with them. In that way, they understand the effects their actions had on people. They then judge themselves. That results in understanding and growth. No one judges them.